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Totally Wicked, Barnstaple

Stockist Level Silver Whilst Silver stores stock a slightly more focused range of products, you won’t be disappointed with the choice available, nor the quality of service you receive. Silver stores offer many of the services that you would find in Gold or Company stores; Try before you buy, hygienic flavour tasting, product descriptions and troubleshooting.
AMB Vapours, 33 Bear Street, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 7BZ
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01271 322 999
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Mon to Fri: 09.30 - 17.30
Sat: 09.30 - 16.30

Product Range
  • We stock a full range of starter hardware Starter The Starter Range of kits, products and accessories are those which are extremely simple to use. These types of products are geared towards beginner vapers – those who have recently made the switch from tobacco.
  • We stock a full range of intermediate hardware Intermediate These products generally have slightly larger battery capacities meaning that they would last longer between charges, have slightly bigger fluid capacities in the tank units meaning there’s less topping-up with your e-liquid and in general, they produce more vapour, a bigger throat-hit and more intense flavours than the starter-type devices.
  • We stock a selection of advanced hardware Advanced Advanced products enable users to really refine the way they vape. These types of products generally have larger battery capacities, bigger tank capacities, have variable power output (either Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage or even switchable between both).
  • We stock a selection of red label products Red Label Manufactured right here in the UK with a combination of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine, pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol BP and Vegetable Glycerine, this high-quality range of fluids is the result of continual testing panels, strong supplier relationship building and continuous research and development.
  • We stock a selection of titan fluid products Titan Fluid The Titan Range of e-liquid has been a long-serving fluid in the Totally Wicked range. Available since 2009, when it first became available there were very few other e-liquids available in the market place outside pre-filled cartomizers and cartridges.
  • We stock a selection of patriot range products Patriot Range The Patriot range of e-liquid is manufactured exclusively for Totally Wicked by our manufacturing partner in the USA. This range contains some really bold and striking flavours that we are very proud of!
  • We stock a selection of odyssey products Odyssey This premium and exclusively available range of e-liquid has been developed by skilled mixologists. Their design aim was to deliver a complex, rich and balanced flavour, rounded with a subtle ‘throat hit’ wrapped by a silky, dense vapour production that only a high quality Vegetable Glycerol (VG) based fluid can deliver.
  • We stock a selection of mix your own products Mix Your Own The vaping world’s equivalent of ‘roll your own’, this range of fluids offers you the greatest level of flexibility with your vaping experience and huge cost savings versus ‘pre-mixed’ fluids. With a little effort on your part, not only do you benefit from massive cost savings, you also gain the ability to tailor your fluid to your precise requirements.
  • We stock a range of Diavlo products Diavlo Sourced and created in the UK using only the highest grade of components, Diavlo is a premium range of e-liquid. With flavours influenced by Film Noir meets the Godfather with a London twist.
  • We stock a range of enthusiast products Vape Locker Vape Locker products are geared towards vaping enthusiasts and hobbyists. Included within this range of products are specialist tanks, ‘dripping’ atomizers, battery ‘mods’, atomizer wires and wicking materials – everything an advanced user would require to achieve their vaping haven.
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