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Totally Wicked Stockist Types and Other Information

At Totally Wicked, we respect all vapers equally and whether you are simply seeking basic information about our range of premium e-cigarettes and e-liquid, or you are want to get hold of one of the latest devices or flavours, our growing network of Company stores and Authorised Independent Stockists are here to help you with a friendly, no obligation, personal service.

Although expert knowledge is available in all stores, there will be differences in the breadth of product lines that stores would normally stock. We have therefore created the categories of ‘Company Store’ (which is one of Totally Wicked’s own stores) and Gold, Silver and Authorised Stockist, for the Authorised Independent, owner-operator outlets.

Please see Store Status Explained below for full details.

The easy to use ‘Store Finder’ will show you where these outlets are located and with each store, there is a series of icons that indicate the depth of product range usually in stock.

So for example, the S icon is for ‘Starter’ or basic devices. The full green full-circle identifies the store usually has the full range and all options, whereas, the orange half-circle indicates that the store carries a select range meaning the most popular lines and colours.

Please see the Product Range Explained section below for full detail.

All of the categories and icons provide a simple guide to a store’s offering and services. If you want to check whether a store has a particular product or service available at the time you wish to visit, why not call them using the contact numbers you will see in their ‘Store Details’.

At all of our Authorised Independent Stockists you will find enthusiastic staff who will answer the following frequently asked questions to help with all things Totally Wicked:

  • What is Totally Wicked?
  • What is an Electronic Cigarette?
  • What does e-liquid contain?
  • Any product related enquiries.
  • How to find the right Electronic Cigarette for you?
  • How to find the right e-liquid strength for your needs?
  • How do I choose the right flavour e-liquid?

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